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A hardwood flooring border (parquet frieze) is a decorative element of the parquet floor. It is a flat bar of certain width, assembled from the mosaic details of different forms and wood species in accordance with the art project or stylistic design of the decorative wooden floor.

Structurally, the parquet borders from Premier Parquet are a mosaic, separate details of which can have the same thickness as the thickness of the basic parquet or less, equal to the thickness of the wearing layer.

In this case during the production process the separate details of a set are stuck on the plywood or wood chipboard. It makes a border more stable and provides the increased productivity during its installing on the floor.

Usually, a border frames the perimeter of the basic parquet covering and makes it complete and perfect, but, sometimes, it is applied in the inside of the parquet floors to separation some areas of the parquet floor, and to make it more expressive, or in the simple one it is used for visual dividing the apartment into the separate unisolated areas. Varying the location of the parquet border and its width, we may visually decrease or, vice versa, increase the area of an apartment. Borders can be used on the decorative hardwood floor in the combination with the parquet corners and medallions, chosen in the respective style.

In the decorative parquet floors the borders are used both in the combination with the art parquet and with the traditional parquet of any wood species. They also may become the decoration of the floors, made from the hardwoods solid wooden flooring or engineered floor.


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